Nov 10, 2022 1-2 pm Peter Curtis on “A Global Perspective on Critical Power System Infrastructure for Next Generation Computing”

You are hereby invited to join the Long Island Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers at the NYIT Webinar on Thursday November 10, 2022 from 1-2 pm EST.  We are pleased to welcome Peter Curtis, who will present “A Global Perspective on Critical Power System Infrastructure for Next Generation Computing”.

This event is part of the Industry Leaders Lecture Series, sponsored by the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences.

Students and professionals will learn from Peter Curtis, the author of the acclaimed IEEE Press book Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment, about the skills, technologies, and processes to operate, manage, and maintain power quality and emergency systems as we transition into the next generation of computing and intelligence.

At the heart of technology behind today’s businesses is the power system and emergency backup necessary for continuous reliable operation. Peter Curtis, the founder of PMC Group I, LLC and a world-renowned author, will discuss the design and analysis of mission critical systems: how to reduce risk, comply with current policies and regulations, and maintain an appropriate level of reliability based on a facility’s risk tolerance. He will discuss the myriad challenges and issues facing industry engineers today such as safety, fire protection, and energy security, including the impact on business resiliency, data center efficiency, cyber security, and green power technology.

AEE-LI will NOT be collecting RSVPs for this event. Instead, each person who wants to attend should register directly using the link on the event page (below).