AEE-LI Chapter Meeting – Monday April 23, 2018 – Green Power Tower: Power Plant of the Future, a vertical axis wind turbine design

At our Long Island Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers meeting, Monday, April23, 2018 at the Old Westbury Campus of NYIT, we welcomed Mr. Max Aginskiy and Ilya Tsitron, who presented Green Power Tower: Power Plant of the Future.  The Green Power Tower is a vertical axis wind turbine design unlike any other wind turbine. It is a stable cylinder-shaped tower that has no moving parts outside of the structure and works with any wind direction.  Mr. Ilya Tsitron is the inventor of the Green Power Tower.

Max Aginskiy holds a Master’s of Science in Environmental Technology and Sustainability, with honors from The New York Institute of Technology. He has furthered his R&D studies in renewable energy generation, focusing on wind power with extensive experience in power plant systems, wind turbine design and implementation.   Ilya Tsitron holds a Master’s of Civil Engineering, from the Crimea University of Civil Engineering. He holds the patent for a stackable omnidirectional vertical axle wind turbine, called Green Power Tower.









Protoype Green Power Tower with Max Aginskiy (left) and Ilya Tsitron (right)

Here is a Youtube video